Designers Want To Change The World

22 jun. 2013

Taking creative control for good.

The 21st century professional practice in all fields must be passionate. The challenges we are facing are so enormous, that only passion driven professionals (and the endurance and RESILIENCE attitude that implies) would have the capacity to make an impact in their professional practice, in the world. 

Design is a creative passion driven profession  "In the noble pursuit to solve problems beautifully".

[Paraphrasing ] 

Designers are passion driven practitioners.
Driving a professional practice using the power of creative thinking leads to driven a life the same way. One thing I know for sure is that there is not such a thing as a part-time creative person: Passion it's got to do with intensity and commitment, vocation and obsession... a lot of hustling, a lot of WORK 

"Wipe away the magic and myth of creating and all that remains is work: the work of becoming expert through study and practice, the work of finding solutions to problems and problems with those solutions, the work of trial and error, the work of thinking and perfecting, the work of creating. Creating consumes. It is all day, every day. It knows neither weekends nor vacations. It is not when we feel like it. It is habit, compulsion, obsession, vocation. The common thread that links creators is how they spend their time. No matter what you read, no matter what they claim, nearly all creators spend nearly all their time on the work of creation. There are few overnight successes and many up-all-night successes". CREATIVE PEOPLE SAY NO by Kevin Ashton

For a creative person, the work of creation is endless. For a design thinking person, solving problems, creating solutions, generating connections, make a difference in people's lives is an everyday practice. We, as a global community, are facing great and complex problems and challenges...

Is it so rare to want to take that knowledge and work done, to a global scale to benefit people?

Investigating by Practicing VIDEO-TALKING 1

19 jun. 2013

Taking creative control of what I want to experience...And designing the experiences I need: This is the kind of Design Thinking I apply for myself....

"I'm investigating communicating ideas in front of a camara, because before 2 years we all are going to be video-talking on social I had to understand what is, how it feels by experience it...and gather new insights first hand. I'm going to keep on practicing..."

...This VIDEO-TALKING-designed-experience is also about managing own vulnerability!

Qué es Design Thinking en 3 minutos [VIDEO]

5 jun. 2013

¿Cómo piensa un diseñador y por qué?, ¿Por qué el Design Thinking es una forma de pensar imprescindible para innovar y para la creación de nuevos modelos de negocio?

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