Apply Design Thinking to Your Life Workshop in Thailand

Hi everyone!!  PUBLIC BENEFIT DESIGN™ is offering a Design Thinking your Life Workshop in KOH PHANGAN, THAILAND (17 July – 12 August).  It’s a hands-on-learning-by-doing focused on practicing Design Thinking methodologies on a real challenge: YOU. Learn to design your life regardless of who we are or were and how young or how old we are. No previous experience in necessary. More info coming soon…meanwhile, please contact us here. The workshop is available in English & Spanish 🙂 Hola! PUBLIC BENEFIT DESIGN™ está preparando un curso de Design Thinking your Lifeen KOH PHANGAN, THAILAND del 17 de julio al 12 de agosto de este año. Es un curso práctico -hands-on-learning-by-doing- enfocado a aprender metodologías de Design Thinking y ponerlas en práctica en el reto más interesante de todos: TU. No necesitas experiencia previa. Podrás practicarlo seas quién seas y tengas la edad que tengas. Próximamente iremos completando todos los detalles del curso, nuestros partners, detalles del via…

Lost & Found Engagement

I'm back.

I haven't written a post in a while.  What I've missed the most these past months is the sense of connection that I felt while sharing my thoughts.  I like networks.
Need to foster conversations. Mere exchange of information bores me...too much. Showing up nurtures me in many ways. The wildest, the better. But I have to practice. Where is this attitude leading me? I found my new writing purpose. 

I'm engaged again.

Connecting Beauty And Business. New Mindsets For New Challenges

A sustainable and successful business now requires much more than there is. What if considering new possibilities and competencies directly related to human kind, such as philosophy and art? 
What if "Beauty" as transformative agent of change?
Pursuing beauty is a powerful human purpose. 
Here are some insights for you to consider beauty in your strategic thinking that I have connected after reading the article "Rothko on Beauty, Friendship, and How the Emotional Exaltation of Art Mirrors Human Relationships" by Maria Popova

Beauty is a powerful experience
Beauty is one of the most effective mode of communication.
"The perception of beauty is an emotional experience that involves a set of sensations that go straight to the heart". Rothko considers the function of beauty not only as a deeply emotional experience but as a bonding agent that creates deep resonance between those beholding it. The more people you touch, the more beautiful it is.The more beauty you c…

Want To Unlock The Value of Your Organization?. Unlock The Potential Of Your Resources

"Knowledge drives action as it does clarity, focus, purpose and passion"_ Pilar Saura

Where is the value in a corporation? 

How can an organization unlock its potential if it doesn't understand the potential value of its resources?. If you don't understand your resources, you cannot strategize your actions. 
Organizations are systems of collaborating individuals who share a purpose, standardized processes and a common culture: That is the actual and potential value of the system. What if an organization needs to evolve or adapt its system to a new context? What resources do you have and need within your organization to to tackle the disruption?. The answer is common sense: Those who know how the system works in relation with the actual and potential value of its resources, would be the ones with the right answers.

The rearrangement of resources is a strategic action

Bucky Fuller, one of the preeminent design scientists and philosophers of the last century, defined design …

Categorizing The Practice Of Design Thinking

What if I want to share best practices with experts like me in applying design thinking in university management? I cannot, because there is not a clear categorization in the practice of design thinking regarding a concrete field of action. Experience is the best companion to itinerate fast.More design thinking conversations based in its practice in different settings. I believe we need to categorize the design thinking practice and move to design-thinking-context-experts, because each field of action has its concrete problems. I acknowledge that design thinking processes (see IDEO) are the skeleton of the practice, but my point is that the processes and blended thinking involved to solve those problems, need be adapted according to the context the practice is going to take place.  The ultimate goal of all design thinkers is shared: A human-centered worldAre the challenges I deal with as a Design Thinker working in university settings, the same as if I were working in different business…

Roles of Designers and Design Thinking in Corporations

"The Value Equation In University Settings" #ActivateDesign

 Main Role of Design and Design Thinking in University Settings:

Detection, understanding and creation of value for students and the university--> Society Define a proposal of shared value from both perspectives (students and university --> Society)Design the strategy to make it happenConversation starter (intentional whisperer): Spread insights and solutions

Millennials overwhelmingly believe (75 percent) businesses are focused on their own agendas rather than helping to improve society.

2015: It is an urgency for Higher Education organizations to focus on understanding and acting on the intersection of value for students and Education, INTERSECTION OF SHARED VALUE: Universities need to provide now to students and societies, what they both will need in the future. For the shake of all.

UNIVERSITIES & MARKETS (this could be an interesting conversation)

"The purpose …