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The Luckiest Design Thinker In The World

Posted on: 2 nov 2014

A brainstorming with 6.000 participants during 6 days.

The students team and I at the Welcome Week 2014 

I'm the luckiest design thinker in the world for two reasons:
>>I work for the best
>>I work with the best

>>I work for the best customers: STUDENTS. 

A student is:

  1. A person with the noble purpose of furthering her knowledge.
  2. A person who holds on to a positive vision of a better future.
  3. A passionate dreamer who nurtures her dreams.
  4. A curious minded who doesn't settle  
  5. An optimistic with an illusion and a hope of better herself and becoming the best she can be.

A student is my favorite type of people!.

>>I work with the best: STUDENTS. 

My main role as responsible for the communication with the students at the university is understanding what students want/need and also what they might need in the future and act upon it. I also design meaningful experiences that complement the students' university life that help us also to understand what we have to do to better us as organization.

I follow a Design Thinking methodology. In other words: I listen and observe everything from a student-centered point of view—I focus my profesional practice in how things are versus what they should be in relation with the students' needs: I learn what students need by observing and mostly by analyzing their actions and reactions: That is the most accurate feedback to know what works for them or it doesn’t. 

The annual Welcome Week ( to the new academic year) is my favorite experience, and the most important time of the year: It's a great and insightful opportunity to listen and observe everything... It's also a kind of giant focus group. 

A brainstorming with 6.000 participants during 6 days. 

Thank you guys...I took notes of everything.

2014 Welcome Week video. Campus Villaviciosa

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