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Intersection Of Science & Design Thinking

Posted on: 12 jul 2013

We live our lives in networks, and ALL of these networks have a particular kind of structure.
I recommend you Nicholas Christakis' article, a Harvard professor who has found that innovative ideas spread like the flu (link to the video below)

It fascinates me the intersection of Science and Design Thinking: Pattern recognition, pattern creation and the application of ideas to systems or viceversa are the core capacities of a design thinker.

Network Science reveals that depending on the place that you occupy in a network, you might be able to predict the future, meaning that people located at the central places in that network (pattern), would be aware of information before it gets to people situated at the edges of that network.(This is my interpretation of Nicholas Christakis' article). Therefore people located at a central position and with a pattern recognition capacity, could
Predict the future of the edges (the rest of the community)
The questions is… Are you located at edge or in a central position of the network (you are interested in)? 

Gut instinct  and pattern recognition are related, so the chances are that recognition of patterns will give you ALSO an instinct to position yourself at the center of the network you are interested in, to connect dots, interpret how the world will evolve in the near and distant future, and project new scenarios, innovate.

In other words: Predict what might happen next.

A paradigm of prediction?

Are you a HUB of Innovation?

*ABOVE: My professional network visualized by Linkedin Maps,…It awesome! I love it.

I recommend you Nicholas Christakis' TALK (link to the video below)

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