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The Search For Meaning In Professional Practice is Transforming Organizations From Within

Posted on: 11 mar 2013

Another unscientific conclusion from a design thinker

A culture of authenticity is flourishing and it is transforming organizations and professional practice.

People want to work on stuff that matters…and if it's not happening, they are working to find the way to transform companies and organizations.

Business as usual is not an option anymore

We need to live meaningful lifes. Creating value for more than yourself to give authenticity to your own existence is not enough: There is a need to share values and create awareness that might benefit other people besides yourself. These new social-flow is also creating a foundation and framework for people to do what is valuable for them, for their company and their community. 

It is up to each one of us to give meaning and authenticity to our own existence, including our professionals practice. We want to work on stuff that matters and be honest…and if it is not happening to you right now, you can try to find the way to make it happen. 

Coming up with ways to create meaning in whatever you do is meaningful in itself. Becoming a kind of a startup-in-searching-for-meaning, who wants to share values and authenticity from within the organization you are working for, is a nice challenge, isn't it?

Lindsey Smith commented on my post on GOOD regarding my definition of MacroEmpathy:

This definition is super interesting! I love how you noted your definition on macroempathy - especially leading to a truly empathic and human-centered world. How do we use this definition to change the world? How do we implement macroempathy into society's vocab?
I believe that this global search for meaning is another step towards a global awareness of empathy at the highest levels of leadership and commitment. 
* Please check Existencialism, a term that belows to our intellectual history. These are my favorite ideas about it:


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