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My Personal Brand Communication Plan

Posted on: 22 sept 2013

Applying mindsets of design thinking to my career:  It's time for me to reconsider my professional profile and focus on my personal brand. 

What is it I bring to a company that is unique?

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What Is The Power Of My Brand?

More than ever, brands are trying to behave like people...and people like brands.
My personal Brand Plan depends a great deal on the Annual Marketing Communication Plan I create for the company I work for. Every year I analyze the results of the previous Marketing Plan to create the new Plan; I update my competences; I investigate new paths; I learn from failure and also from success; I observe trends and competence's best practices. I plan for the long term.
As a conclusion, my personal Brand growth also depends a great deal on the growth I create for my company; The challenges and goals my company sets for me and my area every year; My professional curiosity that pushes my limits further.

Strategic Communication Plan for Pilar Saura Inc.

When I think of me as a Brand, first thing I want to state clearly are my values, vision, mission and my Personal Brand's driving force.

It is vital to Pilar Saura Inc. enjoying work and have fun with it, acquiring new competencies, exercising new muscles, creating something different, be challenged with new projects, fulfilling my (360º) curiosity, achieving objectives and delivering results.

Professional profiles and titles cannot define your career and competences: Only when engaging in a more personal communication is when you can get to know someone's potential.
That's why I believe that a Strategic Communication Plan is the perfect method to framed the power of you, as a Brand and share with customers and other Brands -specially the ones you work for- the promise of your personal brand: 

What your personal Brand stands for, where it's going, and what it's able to deliver. 

By sharing your Personal Brand Communication Plan with your network, you can focus on a more engaging storytelling of (you) your personal brand and show what it makes you unique, and most important (to me): 

How does your Personal Brand Communicate?

Communication is vital to make ideas real; to engage with your team and the rest of the world; to inspire and to co-create.

I will be sharing with you my Personal Brand Communication Plan during the next months, starting with my "mission, vision, values and driving force".

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"a creative process of thinking backwards from people, that leads to design a service, a product or else, based on the conclusions of the knowledge gathered in the process".

It works for me.

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