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Design 3.0 The OTHER Design

Posted on: 1 dic 2013

"Before change happens: New seeing happens, new understanding happens, new thinking happens". Humantific

"Today's designers need to become systems designers"  Mark Rolston 

Some of us always were!

The OTHER Design Thinking: Design 3.0.

There is other design outside mainstream design practices such as graphic design, product and service design: Design 3.0 is focused on organizational and transformation design. 
In some way, Design 3.0 unleash the full potential of design and, by doing so, challenges the traditional design practice and the status quo. Design becomes less tangible, more conceptual.

This other design thinking requires a new set of competences such as systems thinking, that integrates analysis and synthesis to create knowledge and understanding to delivering a new perspective and a new solution to a given problem. Design 3.0 is also focused on making sense of complexity, finding meaning and designing a solid bridge between actual reality toward a vision that includes defining the context and creating a new reality for the people in the organization and in the community.
The management scientist Peter Checkland defined systems thinking as "thinking about the world through the concept of “system.” This involves thinking in terms of processes rather than structures, relationships rather than components, interconnections rather than separation. The focus of the inquiry is on the organization and the dynamics generated by the complex interaction of systems embedded in other systems and composed by other systems"

Design 3.0 requires Management 3.0

Design 3.0 applied to organizational design incorporates a Think Blending that requires a new set of competencies such as 

sense making - finding meaning - pattern recognition and pattern defining - creating systems - conceptualizing complexity - universal communication - seeing interconnections - co-creating solutions focused on the people involved in all the process.
The problem is that design is not consider as a core business competence: Therefore, upper management is not taking advantage of these new "thinking tools" to unlock innovation and unleash the full potential of their organizations.

On the other hand, Design 3.0 professionals haven't fully developed a product offering as service designers or graphic designers have: 

I encourage you to design your product considering your potential clients needs asap. And a lot of evangelization is also needed among management, schools, social media, associations and designers energized by business issues! 

Spread the "news".

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