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"Being Something For Someone": Reflecting on Communication, Love And Brands

Posted on: 2 dic 2014

This is an invitation to think on what kind of reality we're creating. Designing. 

My daughter and me. Madrid 2014.
Being "something for someone" is probably the number one personal purpose for most of us. And so is for brands.
It is the expression of that 'fundamental something' that makes a brand real and lovable. 
Main decision to make as an individual and as a brand is what "kind of something" you want to be "for someone". Brand Trends for 2015 suggest you to choose that "something" meaningful and authentic (values, principles, personality) that it's in you. 
Caring is the way to go.

The difficulty comes down to relate love and care to a business context…Because it's sooo easy to forget and leave behind unaccountable concepts such as "care" and "love" in a marketing plan! 

If you want your brand to be lovable and real for people, someone in your organization has to take responsibility for it. Otherwise, it's just not going to happen. Never.

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