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My Virtual Me Manifesto (Acknowledging The Act Of Communicating )

Posted on: 17 nov 2012

MY VIRTUAL ME has taken her time to decide to get out there. Firstly because I wasn't sure about the idea of doing so (over exposure, lack of privacy, blah blah blah). Then because I was trying to find out a strategy that would fit my mindset ... And when I ran out of arguments, I had to acknowledge the reality: I was afraid to show-share what I like, what moves me, how and what I think. 

So here I am. Why not?

MY VIRTUAL ME is a public statement of who I am. It's me saying: I don’t desire anonymity AND I have fully embraced my inner nerd AND this is it.  

My Virtual Me is a public compromise with myself and my intentions. It's an act of courage in some way. It's a relief because I finally accept what a design thinking nerd I am. 

My Virtual Me complements me, and drives me to deepen a little more every day into the knowledge that feeds me and makes me happy. My Virtual Me is me out there, with the boundaries she chooses, picking what she likes, saying what she feels like saying, connecting with people that inspire her, and having the opportunity to engage into conversations when she feels like doing so. 

My Virtual Me is me in a flow. Me sharing. Me engaging. Me learning. Me understanding. My multiplied ME.
My Virtual Me likes to express herself sometimes in Spanish (native language) and sometimes in English (not native as you noticed) because she feels more connected to others in doing so. (By the way, I'd like to thank to my English speaking followers for their patience and generosity).

My Virtual Me has taught me that, 

by entrusting those who I talk to with the same level of respect, authenticity and empathy, I get exactly what I give in return.

I 'm acknowledging the act of communicating and I recognize in me the need to do so (I'm an introvert) other words: I need other people as much as they may need me .

And also, I'm aware that the need to understand is universal and creates invisible bonds with others that are difficult to define nor describe. And... makes me feel a little more human??

My Virtual Me has enriched me in so many ways...

This is a great epifany in my life that I am still processing...

My inspirations to write this post:

What are you doing when you feel more beautiful? by Jacqueline Novogratz
Grupo: NextDesign Leadership Network
"A Brief pause" by Ethan Kaplan
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