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MacroEmpathy Definition As A Branch Of Design

Posted on: 12 feb 2013

As MacroEconomics is a branch of Economics...(In my opinion, totally fair, since designers foster empathy in their every day professional practice)

Did you know that Macroempathy doesn't exist in the dictionary?. Here is my definition!


(from the Greek prefix makro- meaning "large" and empathyMacroEmpathy is a branch of Design, fostering empathic performances, behaviors and decision-making  as a whole, rather than individually. This includes national, regional, and global initiatives).

Macroempathy is the global awareness of empathy at the highest levels of leadership and commitment, that leads to
a truly empathic and human-centered world.
World's empathy as a whole.  
Macroempathy is the next worldwide challenge to foster human understanding, wellness and justice.

See Macroeconomics

My conclusion: We need to elevate EMPATHY to the highest levels of global commitment and awareness: MACROEMPATHY. 

My thoughts about MacroEmpathy as a Design Thinker:

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--We can do much better--
VIDEO: "Future by Design" explores Jacque Fresco’s world of the future.

Does Macroeconomy need Macroempathy and viceversa?

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