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Talking Design Thinking: Communicating Ideas (1)

Posted on: 23 may 2013

I keep on investigating Design Thinking processes involved in communicating ideas on social media. Ideation in action. I also want to test my own DT capacities and discover some I didn't know I had.

Last year I was focused on communicating by writing about Design Thinking-in-action, and this year I 'm going to investigate and analyze the process of communicating by talking about Design Thinking related insights.
My first test goes as follow:

I defined what I wanted to communicate and wrote it down (below), and then I used this text as my talking script (on video).

My question to my design-thinking-self is: Why the result is not the same? 

My script was:

"Hi, I'm Pilar Saura, a designer focused on making ideas real. 
Last year I begun investigating design thinking processes applied to communicating ideas on social media. My creative move was to launch a blog about design thinking-in-action, where I could create my own design story...and as a platform of learning by acting and testing, observing my own theories about design thinking methods and tools involved, and most important, to push further my own limits. The CONCLUSION was meaningful to me…and it's been fun.
This year I'm going to investigate (experience) the difficulty of talking about ideas and design thinking: In this project I'm going to focus on the design thinking methods and processes involved in sharing and communicating complexity in social media, not in the outcome ….Let's see what I can learn by pushing my limits and hustler some more...This is my challenge. Let's see what happens".

I'm a hustler: I just cannot help it...

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