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Designers Make Ideas Real

26 may. 2013

Ideas are places to go, not mental limbos. And business strategies are ideas made real: Otherwise are only beautiful fireworks. 

I call a "false" strategy the one that doesn't come with a realistic and possible implementation plan.
Designers are very used to having to take over a false strategy and rethink it to make it real.  
For a senior designer is easy to distinguish fireworks from a real strategy...Therefore distinguish a false strategist from a good one. Senior designers also know that nowaydays they are not going to take credit for a successful strategy although they made it happen... 
It's a question of time that designers seat at the decision-making table.  

From fireworks to reality. Design Thinking in action.

A real and succesful strategy plan aligns:
Company expectations and business goals with the idiosincrasy of the company and the adecuate implementation plan that will make the strategy happen.
And a lot of communication.
So, does your strategy plan meet the expectations of reality?

I encourage senior managers to think out why and why not their strategies failed last year and the years before...

The rest are just fireworks.

This is a great article: The Best Strategy For Big Innovation: Knowing Your Limits


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