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You Know What? I'm Taking On This Challenge

Posted on: 6 abr 2014

Would you like to practice Design Thinking?

Red Bull Stratos spacedive by Felix Baumgartner

Then you should fall in love with an idea, make of it a personal challenge and design your way though barriers to achieve it. 

Initiate a construction-driven process of thinking focused on achieving your challenge: Recall insights of previous experiences and failures; Observe and analyze contexts and facts; Keep on the move by making micro-decisions to forward your idea in the right direction; Consider others in your decisions and try to create value for people and for you. Do it! 

Pursuit passion: Fall in love with YOUR challenge. 

Passion will compel you to act. People with a passion are driven to pursue and create and feel an overwhelming urge to engage, to experience for themselves and to test their own capabilities and thrownness abilities. 


This is a passion-driven pursuit of a personal challenge so set your mind for magical: Pick a bold challenge that gets to you personally but don't know yet why or it lights up your heart or you may feel it relates to you emotionally. You really want to bring your idea to reality. Make it happen. 

Your daily mantra: This is my challenge

It is YOUR challenge. You don't know how to do it, but you are going to do it anyway. How?. You don't know yet, but for now on, it's going to be you and your challenge, together, living your everyday life. 

Let's take Felix Baumgartner's spacediving as example: Felix buying groceries while thinking to himself…I'm going to make a stratospheric jump…don't know how but I will…Uh-oh 

The beauty of performance.

Be creative!. Design a beautiful and innovative self-performance to accomplish you challenge and enjoy the process of it all: Be self-conscious of what you are doing and make decisions according to your values and believes. 
Take into consideration that when achieving you challenge you are going to share your accomplishment. Make it beautiful! 


What, who, when? It is part of the process. Get over it fast but learn from it.

Choose to go to the moon.  

Courage is needed to choose an unknown path and to overcome uncertainty.
How might you think different to approach this problem? Try to amazing yourself. Do it for you. 

Inner dialogue. Control question.

Ask yourself regularly: Why am I doing all of these? Your vision is like an oasis at Gobi desert: Think about it regularly for nurturing your dream. Keep in mind the big picture.

Resilience is your new skill.   

FInd out how persistent and disciplined you can be when need it. Could you ever imagine that you were so patient? You would be by necessity.

Felix and the entire crew were great to see. Real success doesn't come by demanding things go your way... The lesson?: Do things right, but don't ever stop! 
And dream... 

What if you accomplish it?. Can you imagine? Think big and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Hustle. 

Felix Baumgartner just before stepping off his 24-mile-high:
"I'm coming home" 

Design-think your own map back home or out of it…design it!

 I recommend to you this video: Moonshot Thinking.
Moonshot thinking is about thinking creatively and radically about solving important problems.

+Solve for X event gathered 50 experienced entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists from around the world, who are taking on moonshots—proposals that address a huge problem, suggest a radical solution that could work, and use some form of breakthrough technology to make it happen.

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