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Posted on: 31 may 2014

As I advanced you in my previous blog post, I "took on the challenge": I was in love with the idea of writing a book about my own process of thinking and I did it. Here is the result.

It's written in Spanish because, as I also advanced you in a blog post titled "RFV & My Portfolio Of Insights For 2014", it was a personal challenge for me finding the best way to share knowledge about the design discipline and design thinking, and I finally decided the best way to accomplish my goal was to write a book about it in Spanish…And it turned out that I'm the first Spanish author and designer to write a book about Design Thinking: Therefore my book it's the first Design-Thinking-Book in Spanish! Shocking!

A brief description of my book:

"How to Think like a Designer (call it Design Thinking)" is the first  Design Thinking book written by a Spanish author. Pilar Saura recounts his thought process as a designer, showing in practice the result of the Design Thinking methodology applied to the challenge of explaining " what Design Thinking is" to designers, businesses and anyone who is interested the dicipline of design.
This book is a storytelling of Design Thinking: Instead of defining the Design Thinking processes, the author shares the competencies, skills and values by creating a story of her ​​own process.The book is divided into two parts: the first or "Framework" shows a broad overview of the framework of thought of a designer, so that everyone can "connect their own dots" and a second part or "Roadmap", reveals the core of a designer's itinaration."
Hope you enjoy it! 

My book on:

For now, my book is available in Amazon in Kindle version and in Spanish: Soon will be at disposal English version also.

(Amazon has free Kindle apps available on almost any device: Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC, Windows, or even in a web browser at

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