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RFV & My Portfolio Of Insights For 2014

Posted on: 5 ene 2014

"You have to feed forward if you want feedback“. Matt Kahn. Stanford design professor

This is my very personal "Request For Vision" (RFV) statement to conclude 2013 and my planning for 2014.

Why did I start blogging?. I needed to force myself to articulate my ideas for a broader audience to  advancing my thinking on design and management. I wanted feedback. 
My goal was to create my communication design and develop my own tools and Design Thinking processes and capacities related to sharing ideas: Extroverted my design process and advance my knowledge by pushing myself out of my comfort zone. And, since I wanted/needed to test my ideas with a global audience, I had to add more complexity to my design project by writing in English (I'm Spanish).

I designed an investigation on Design Thinking processes involved in communicating ideas on social media. In 2012 I was focused on communicating by writing about Design Thinking-in-action, and in 2013 I focused my investigation and analysis in the process of communicating by talking about Design Thinking related insights.
Applying a theory from one context to another has always limitations, so my main concerned was to "sense" that I was evolving my understanding in every post I wrote. My technique?. Observation and watch carefully for changes in me and in the context and make course corrections when it didn't feel right. And no sticking to a fixed idea: I focused on my own process and in the evolution of my thinking patterns and the conscious practice of new capacities to broaden frames of reference that included the use of instinct and flowing, randomness, networking and co-creation. And a very clear writing philosophy: Keep it simple. 
So far I have defined the communication pattern that suits my purposes and my vision and fits with my personality. I could considered myself an expert in applying Design Thinking principles to communication. 

I'm ready for the next move:

I wrote a post in 2013 titled Intersection Of Science & Design Thinking Scientific studies  reveal that depending on the place that you occupy in a network (like this one), you might be able to predict the future, meaning that people located at the central places in that network (pattern), would be aware of information before it gets to people situated at the edges of that network. (This is my interpretation of Nicholas Christakis' article). Therefore people located at a central position and with a pattern recognition capacity, could
Predict the future of the edges (the rest of the community)
The questions is… Have I had the instinct to position myself at a center of the network? Have I recognized patterns, connected any dots to predict tendencies?

I'm going to play "being a hub for design" and I`m going to predict the following trend topics on design and management: 

These are the core ideas that I'll be exploring and writing about in 2014.

  • Communication as a core process of Design ThinkingForward thinking for getting feedback.  By Extroverting my design process I've advanced my knowledge and connection with current reality (context). I believe it's a MUST for a design thinker learning and experiencing social communication  processes. Design yours. 
  • Visual Thinking: Boost to this design discipline that makes your thinking visible to others and foster CO-creation and engagement and alignment to solve problems as a team.
  • On training intuitionUnknowable and uncontrollable knowledge. How to make strategic choices. How to look at a large set of information and discover the inherent connections? 
  • Outsiders: Out of my comfort zone: The advantages to write in a second language. Doubles the effort but is worthy: Getting used to be out of your comfort zone and assuming constant mistakes: Great and generous people out there!. I'll encourage non English to join in the global conversation.
  • Evolution of design thinking: Design 3.0 & 4.0. 

    Mastering context defining, integrative thinking, shaping problems  before they can be solved. Redesigning periphery and organizations. Innovation.

  • Venture capital, Design thinking and the connection economyAnd with the virtual, physical, and social modes of design increasingly converging, we can expect design and how it is practiced to morph and embed in business definitely. 
  • Go local: Design discipline accessible to a majority. How to share knowledge with emerging countries. My personal challenge for 2014. Have to find the best way to do it. 
  • Creativity and management: "A civilization grows when its elite is creative enough to attract inside and outside constituents. by arthur Toynbee is the author of “A study in history“. On Education, the selection and the recruitment of managers.

….And my favorite topic for 2014:

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