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What If Design Thinking Marketing

Posted on: 9 ago 2014

The end of marketing as we know it officially came  as of July 1 of 2014 at Procter & Gamble Co. 

What if marketing would apply a human-centered methodology to business and ignites the kind of transformational opportunities we need most right now?.

What if marketing would play different roles to create a new future for business (therefore, for people) and make society better?

What if marketers would have a set of skills such as mapping, storytelling, ethnographic research, analysis, facilitation, collaboration, and persuasion?: 

Business Tools for Innovation by Cheryl Heller:

  • Research as listening and conversation. Ethnographic research is not new - but the integration of listening, watching and dialog is.
  • Seeing/mapping. Making invisible systems visible, illustrating dynamics and relationships that facilitate or restrict forward momentum. Creating strategies for the future founded on current conditions.
  • Cross disciplinary problem solving. A method for recognizing patterns, seeing across boundaries to make connections that people inside silos cannot see. When this ability to see emerging patterns is facilitated, new learning occurs and potential expands exponentially.
  • Co-creation, collaboration. Creating with a community (also customers) rather than for, and teaching the habits of creativity so it can be carried on and built on by all.  
  • Education, knowledge sharing, storytelling. Capturing the heart of issues, simplifying complexity, communicating through visual language that presents information in the way that people learn, using storytelling to engage and shift thinking are key benefits of the new design, and ways in which learning is shared. Science continues to confirm that facts do not change people, that intellect alone is not enough to incite a culture to greatness.  
  • Persuasion. Regardless of context or scale, beauty and elegance continue to make ideas and choices compelling. 

What if Design Thinking Marketing?


If you want to know more about the new design: Business Tools for Innovation by Cheryl Heller (my inspiration to write this article)

If you what to know more about how design thinking is been applied already in different areas and industries, here are some examples:

-> Transform organizations: 
"Thinking like a designer can transform the way in which organizations develop their products, services, processes and strategy. This brings together what is desirable from the human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable". Tim Brown, president of IDEO 

-> Design of Business (Applied to Education): 
Why Design Thinking is the next competitive edge? by Roger Martin, dean of the University of Rotman School of Management 

-> Entrepreneurship: 
Why social innovators need Design Thinking (McKinsey & Company) 

-> Social Innovation: 
Wired magazine asked Melinda Gates innovation that is changing the most lives in the developing world, and his answer was simple: "the human-centered design" 

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