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What If I Say Hi To My Network?

Posted on: 17 ago 2014

"It's so funny why we don't talk anymore" -- Cliff Richard, We Don't Talk Anymore

Our social networks are full of "conversations". Plenty of people out there (like me) are interacting with others and committing time and resources to engaging with people for multiple reasons I'm not going to get into now. Meanwhile we keep on sending texts and photos, writing blogs, emails, tweets and sharing part of our lives and knowledge with and average of 1000 people around the world everyday day. 

We “follow” each other according to mutual and personal interests and, in doing so, we become witnesses of the evolution of the ideas, professional life, new projects, family events… of someone we barely know nothing about, but finally end up caring about in some virtual way that I’m not able to define yet.

The funny part is that we never literally talk and never will in most of the cases: We are engage in brain-to-brain relations that don't really feel like person to person?¿?. Aren’t we missing the human-to-human communication H2H? There is a lack of humanity in social media conversations, don’t you think?

What if a human touch in our conversations once in a while? 

What if I say Hi to my network? Literally.

Saying Hi might be one of the simpler expression of a goodwill thought, but it's also a great excuse for simply say, "hey, there is a person behind my profile photo.. and so is behind yours".

What if everybody would say HI once in a while to their networks? Wouldn't it be our "conversations" a little more human, a little more fun? I'm going to give it a try and I'm going to say Hi, and see what happens.

Join my "Say Hi To My Network" project to humanize our networks and say (literally) HI! to yours.

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