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About Pilar Saura

"As a designer, it's my job and joy

to stay curious,
further my thinking, 
get inspired,
share my findings and 
take conceptual risks now and then"

Pilar Saura Founder and Design-Thinking-Marketing director at Public Benefit Design™ , helping people and organizations to communicate meaningfully.

Pilar Saura: "Ideas are my favorite place to go"

Pilar is an expert on organizational and transformation design applied to University contexts and communication, driven by a Design Thinking mindset.

"I would define my profesional practice as human-centered in a constant search for excellence in everything I do"

"I’m a creative professional energized by business and complexity, with the vision and purpose to bridge the gap between people and brands".

Her new book "Design-Thinking-in-action: 64 Thoughts about Marketing, Design Thinking and Life": A 10-year journey to Design-Thinking-Marketing. 

As Edwin Schlossberg, I believe that "writing creates a context in which other people can think". I hope that my journey of learning inspires you to share your own thoughts about the relevant role of Design Thinking and designers in our always evolving world and life.

As blogger, Pilar is currently investigating Design Thinking processes involved in communicating ideas on social media by practicing and also sharing her insights on Design Thinking-in-action with the purpose of spreading the understanding of design and designers.

Previous experience 

Head of Students Communication & Engagement, also playing a strategic role as Innovation partner as UX Designer at Universidad Europea-Laureate International Universities in Madrid, Spain.

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