About Pilar Saura

Pilar Saura is a Spanish Strategic Designer & Creative Director, author and blogger, currently working at Universidad Europea-Laureate International Universities Corporate Marketing as Head of Students Communication & Engagement

Pilar Saura: "Ideas are my favorite place to go"

Pilar is an expert on organizational and transformation design applied to corporations and communication, driven by a Design Thinking mindset.

As author, her book "Cómo Piensa Una Diseñadora (llámalo Design Thinking)" is the first Design-Thinking-book written by a Spanish author. 

"I would define my profesional practice as human-centered in a constant search for excellence in everything I do"
"I’m a creative professional energized by business and complexity, with the vision and purpose to bridge the gap between people and brands".
Pilar's book is a storytelling of Design Thinking: Instead of defining the Design Thinking processes and tools, she shares competencies, skills and values by creating a story of her ​​own process.

As blogger, Pilar is currently investigating Design Thinking processes involved in communicating ideas on social media by practicing and also sharing her insights on Design Thinking-in-action with the purpose of spreading the understanding of design and designers.

Currently working since 1997

Universidad Europea-Laureate International Universities at the Corporate Marketing department as Head of Students Communication & Engagement and UX manager.

Also playing a strategic role as internal brand embassador sharing brand's vision with stakeholders.


• High School at CEU. Madrid.
• Degree in Art & Design. State University of New York. (1984-1987)
• Master`s Degree, Online Education & Business. Fundación Empresa- UNED. (1996 -1997)
• Advertising Communication Degree. Escuela Arte10. Madrid.
(2004 -2006)
• Design Thinking Action Lab. Stanford University (2013)
• Visual Thinking Workshop. ICADE-Humantific. (2013)

Previous professional Experience

• Proyect manager
• Creativity Professor
• Creative Director
• Art Director

On Social Media

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>>> Twitter: @pilarsaura_v
>>> Amazon (my book): http://www.amazon.es/dp/B00KEZJVIS

She is aligned with the following designers:

Tim Brown CEO at IDEO:

“Rather than asking designers to make an already developed idea more attractive to consumers, companies are asking them to create ideas that better meet consumers’ needs and desires. The former role is tactical, and results in limited value creation; the latter is strategic, and leads to dramatic new forms of value.”


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