Understanding Design & Designers

Understanding Design & Designers

About Pilar Saura

Pilar Saura is a Creative Director and Design Thinking 3.0 advocate, currently working as Head of Student Communication Strategist Manager in the Corporate Marketing department at Universidad Europea-Laureate International UniversitiesExpert in young adults markets and insights, she leads numerous projects, conceptualizes ideas, develops strategies to align company's business goals and clients's needs.
Pilar moves from concept to strategy to system design, mapping the way for her team.

Pilar Saura: "Ideas are my favorite place to go"

Pilar Saura is a blog author who shares her extensive experience as a design thinker and creative lead in multiple sectors, each with its own needs. This have led her to observe and study the impact of design and design thinking on people, making her an expert strategist and communication lead. 

Prior to becoming a creative lead and author, Pilar worked in a range of companies and sectors as art director, creative director, professor, artist and cartoonist: From big advertising to startups. Pilar is also an entrepreneur. She founded two companies and launched a few creative projects, most of which failed, some others are a success, like CEOS Are Designers.
"Every project is a new challenge and I love a challenge..."

Previously, Pilar studied design at State University of New York at Rockland. Advertising Communication at Escuela de Arte 10 Madrid, and an Education & Technology Master Degree at UNED. 

Pilar also believes in the importance of life experiences in developing an empathic attitude: She lived and worked in London and New York, attended to her family businesses (a boutique and a candy store), worked as an assistant nurse, waitress, English teacher, handcraft artist and vendor of art pictures, door to door.

Pilar Saura is also an empathy advocate and has created the MacroEmpathy concept and its definition as " a branch of Design, fostering empathic performances, behaviors and decision-making  as a whole, rather than individually. This includes national, regional, and global initiatives".

Pilar is currently investigating Design Thinking processes involved in communicating ideas on social media. Last year she was focused on communicating by writing about Design Thinking-in-action, and this year she's investigating and analyzing the process of communicating by talking  [video] about Design Thinking related insights.

She is aligned as a design thinker with the following designers:

Tim Brown CEO at IDEO:

“Rather than asking designers to make an already developed idea more attractive to consumers, companies are asking them to create ideas that better meet consumers’ needs and desires. The former role is tactical, and results in limited value creation; the latter is strategic, and leads to dramatic new forms of value.”


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