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About Pilar Saura

"As a designer, it's my job and joy
to stay curious,
further my thinking, 
get inspired by our students,
share my findings and 
take conceptual risks now and then"

Pilar Saura is a Spanish Strategic Designer & Creative Director, author and blogger, currently working at Universidad Europea-Laureate International Universities Corporate Marketing as Head of Students Communication & Engagement

Pilar Saura: "Ideas are my favorite place to go"

Pilar is an expert on organizational and transformation design applied to corporations and communication, driven by a Design Thinking mindset.

As author, her book "Cómo Piensa Una Diseñadora (llámalo Design Thinking)" is the first Design-Thinking-book written by a Spanish author. 

"I would define my profesional practice as human-centered in a constant search for excellence in everything I do"
"I’m a creative professional energized by business and complexity, with the vision and purpose to bridge the gap between people and brands".
Pilar's book is a storytelling of Design Thinking: Instead of defining the Design Thinking processes and tools, she shares competencies, skills and values by creating a story of her ​​own process.

As blogger, Pilar is currently investigating Design Thinking processes involved in communicating ideas on social media by practicing and also sharing her insights on Design Thinking-in-action with the purpose of spreading the understanding of design and designers.

Currently working since 1997

Universidad Europea-Laureate International Universities at the Corporate Marketing department as Head of Students Communication & Engagement and UX manager.

Also playing a strategic role as internal brand embassador sharing brand's vision with stakeholders.


• High School at CEU. Madrid.
• Degree in Art & Design. State University of New York. (1984-1987)
• Master`s Degree, Online Education & Business. Fundación Empresa- UNED. (1996 -1997)
• Advertising Communication Degree. Escuela Arte10. Madrid.
(2004 -2006)
• Design Thinking Action Lab. Stanford University (2013)
• Visual Thinking Workshop. ICADE-Humantific. (2013)

Previous professional Experience

• Proyect manager
• Creativity Professor
• Creative Director
• Art Director

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