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Let`s get intimate

Posted on: 2 jun 2012

"Marketing in dead" believes Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi CEO: "there is nothing new anymore", "our kids are connecting to each other and to brands across the world with no money involved. To us this a world that`s gone crazy" he says.
In the vibrant and connected world we live in, the audiences can´t be track nor predict: Customers -we- can`t be label by marketing researches as we used to be because before the results are analyzed, they are already obsolete. 
"To win today you need a culture and an environment where the unreasonable power of creativity thrives", insists K. Roberts.The culture of the unreasonable is taking over the marketing business. It`s scary for most CEO`s but, they should know that there are professional that deal with the unreasonable: Design thinkers, for instance.

The "unreasonable" have its own rules, and the first one, when it comes to applied creativity to business, is a "human-center" approach. A Design Thinker and a Marketing professional both have to discover, create, arouse, and satisfy customer needs. Each of us may have our own procedures and tools to get to know our clients better. The greater difference between us is that our Design Thinking approach needs empathy to complete the process of analyze and come with a conclusion. Empathy is possible only if you have developed an emotional thinking. A great part of our work is understanding people needs and dreams. And this is exactly what Marketing needs these days.

Design Thinking, promoted by mad designers, is a rather powerful, creative and rational answer to CEO`s who still don`t trust creativity professionals because of the "unreasonable". We, Design Thinkers,  are professionals of that so call unreasonable. And you, CEOs, need to implant Design Thinking talent in your companies.

I`m a Design Thinker working in a highly qualify and effective Marketing Department for five years now. Rational thinking and emotional thinking on a daily basis. We speak different languages. It`s difficult, some times is rough. When we get alone and work together, we always get incredible results. And it`s really fun.

Business and creativity. 
Let`s get intimate. 

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