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What does a Designer do in 2012?

Posted on: 3 jul 2012

What is the difference between a 2012 designer and an old fashion designer?

a) The context has changed.We all live in constant transformation.
b) The universal language is a visual language. Visual mental mapping is required to visualice the future and to understand almost anything.
c) This is the century of the people: this is a persons' world
d) We are pragmatic and creative. At the same time.

Why Design Thinking is capable of transforming without disruption?

a) Design Thinking is the process of reflective thinking by which the designer faces each challenge by creating, transforming and constant adapting to the context and focusing in problem solving.
b) Visual communication is the language of our profession. Metaphorical language: complete conexion between rational and intuitive understanding.
c) We understand the world we live in because we are in contact with people: Designers listen and question. We are partners.
d) Capable of building new understandings to innovate

Where does a designer lead to in 2012?

a) The institutions and companies are conservative and want to remain that way, but the reality is another. Designers assume the transformation required and facilitate evolving solutions.
b) No more business like relationships with people-target. Designer has been working for decades building relationships with people by creating and designing meaningful experiences. Connecting feelings.
c) Business Designers create sustainable and innovative institutions: create new systems and discard old structures.

2012: Working towards a Sustainable Design.

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