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FAQS: Design Thinkers' Personal Questions

Posted on: 30 jul 2012

Before taking on any project, a Design Thinker has to analyze the situation to try to get an overview and personal insight. You are not always going to obtain all the information needed, but at least make sure that you do have compiled all the information you need to know about yourself in relation to the project that you are going to face. These personal FAQS are essential for you to decided if you want to be IN this concrete project. Of course, the answers to these questions only you will be able to evaluate them positively or negatively, but it is very important that you go through this personal process because it is of great to help you consolidate how to develop, nurture and settle the skills and behaviors you are going to need to confront the proyect....and because there are always comes a time in the course of a project when you doubt everything or have a particularly moment of weakness and uncertainty when you just want to run away... then remember the personal FAQS and the answers you gave to yourself: they will remind you why you got involved in this project!


  1.  WHY I'M GOING TO DO THIS? Have a clear goal from the beginning. Never forget the beginning: It'd give you perspective.
  2. WHAT FOR WILL I GET INTO THIS? Any personal developing you want to master?What impact will the project have on you once you' are done? Is it a good project for...?
  3. DOES IT TAKE ME... WHERE? Try to get an overview of the steps you have to take to develop the project and assess if you are interested
  4. DO I WANT TO GO TO THAT PLACE? Be aware that becoming involved in some projects may change your current personal and professional situation
  5. DO I HAVE THE MEANS? In addition to the tangible media, do you have strength, are you focused, have the time?
  6. IS VIABLE? Is there involvement in the participants, are they professional, have passion about it?
  7. IN WHAT WAY DOES IT BENEFITS ME? Does it make me feel good? Personal or Professional.
  8. DO I HAVE ANY PREVIOUS IMAGE? Or vision, insight, intuition?. Do not forget.
  9. WHAT PARTICULAR ASPECT DOES INTEREST ME DEVELOP? Are you arriving this project at a particular time in your life when you want to develop certain skills ? Human-centered?
  10. WHAT SHOULD I DO IN CONSCIENCE? Do not forget your own values ​​and keep them in mind
  11. IS IT A SUSTAINABLE PROJECT? Or, Can I make it sustainable?
  12. DOES IT GO WITH THE  FLOW? This is something you feel or not...
  13. DO I HAVE A VISION OF IT? Do you See IT?
  14. WILL I BE IN CONTACT WITH MYSELF OR AM I GOING TO LOOSE MYSELF IN THE WAY THERE? No personal neglect: do not become a new person and don't forget who you are. Work just as you are. At once. 
  15. AM I READY TO FACE THE PROJECT? The answer is: Yes, No, or is a complex challenge but I will give everything. I take responsibility from beginning to end.

Important note: During the process of Project's Development could occur substantial alterations from the initial approach. For this purpose are also useful Personal FAQS: they function as personal thermometer and a device that keeps the cruise speed throughout the process. If you notice significant misalignments, have to stop and analyze. If changes are not assumable, must take action.

And ask questions!

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