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Global Economy: Niches' Revolution

Posted on: 19 ago 2012

What are your thoughts on the state of the global economy and of Spain's specifically?, John F Moore asked me as a new member of A Better People.

As a designer, this is my human-centered opinion:

The world before the determination of Markets and Brands to conquer the planet, was a set of isolated niches within other niches: Those niches were very cozy, convenient, and provided security and a nice sense of belonging as well. Isolated and easy to evangelize and control.

What happened? Markets and Brands began its growth climbing rampant with their strategy and new philosophy --- More, bigger, faster, cheaper, now --- (Umair Haque, Director of Havas Media Lab).

How? First they focussed on their targets -us-, and invented very very effective tools to get in our brains and find out what we liked and why, what we needed, what were our aspirations, what we dreamed of, etc. .., and so they launched products and more products for us to consumed, many of which have been paradigms of human progress. Others do not.

This voracity, greed of the Markets and Brand's competition raised their need of invent new ways of reaching all potential not captured up to the point and the rest of the world: They invested in research and develop tools, skills and technology and... they were again very very effective: They invented and implemented new channels and communication platforms that have achieved what they set: The whole world knows their products ... but also know everything about everybody.
The conquest of the world by Brands and Economic policies has been arrogant, inbred, lacking in values ​​and empathy, and they have also underestimate the impact that their actions would have on the future. Well, the future is NOW and what happened is Social Revolution. 

And how people lived in their role as conquered till now?

Niches were very comfortable and customized most of the times. The desire to get out was not compelling: it did not seem to be much to see out there and in many cases was not allowed.
Until they (products) began to knock at our door and showed us what we dreamed, the beauty that was waiting for us out there. We heard of people who thought like us and we had the chance to take a look at other niches like ours and empathize ... and then started the questions: Why am I here?, What is going on?, why not ...? What if I ...?,Why should a conform with...?

My conclusions:

  • During the Economic conquest, means were created for the purposes of a minority. Now means would work for the majority.
  • Design has spread beauty and aesthetics around the world: Aspiration to Beauty is revolutionary. As Schiller said: "The beauty is considered then the result of the fusion of the rational and sensible, and this merger is the true reality."
  • The global economic conquest has led to the creation of an objective shared by the global community: through objects, ideas and aesthetics associated with the products and brands, It has managed to create a new social culture woven into our personal aspirations. Everything is not about money anymore. As a consequence, we all are freer than before. 

I summarize the aspiration of the 21st century's people as a revolutionary desire to LIVE, as Aristotle said: "Life or Being (person), who runs through ethics, aesthetics and politics".

I'll re-quote the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset, who wrote in 1921 a book entitled "The Invertebrate Spain" and that continues to fascinate me its visionary analysis of the reality of that time in Spain but that applies universally to  XXI century:

Ortega predicts a "new type of man [...] that would emerge after a therapeutic project based on the change in sensitivity (change in attitudes to life, including the exemplary respect, and above all, respect for science and intellectual discipline) ".

And for my country and the rest of the world: "Spain has to give herself a society. This is the great task of our time."

 "(...) Full of amazement and tenderness for the wonder that is the world." Ortega, O.C. T.I: 364

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